Kapsede storage for antiquities


The origins of Kapsede storage for antiquities can be found in the middle of 1970s. The first exhibitions and gathered objects – spades of soldiers, helmets, bottles of drinks, copies of documents, other inventory of soldiers were dedicated to Liepaja defenders of the Second World War.

Until this day different ancient objects and information about history of Medze district are summarized in Kapsede storage for antiquities. 



In Kapsede storage for antiquities can be found historical information on:

-        the history of the district from the middle of 19th century;

-        the district’s school from the middle of 19th century;

-        repressed citizens of the district (between 1941 and 1949);

-        for legionnaires; - amateur members of the district;

-        Liepaja Academy of Arts.  

In the storage for antiquities can be seen different historical objects:

-        works from municipal artists Rihards Skruba, Rudīte Jēkabsone;

-        articles of Jurgis Skulme;

-        passports of Russian czar time (end of 18th century – beginning of 19th century);

-     old Bibles, sermon books, teaching books from Russian czar time, school graduation certificates, journals from ancient time, various photographies, Latvian teaching books from 1920s;

-        hatches from the Stone Age;

-        bronze bracelets, silver bracelets, silver money;

-        old-time pots with money;

-        milk seperator from Ulman time etc., objects.


The ancestry of barons from Medze district, the Minister of Science and Education, German and tourists from other countries have been hosted in the storage for antiquities.   



A good contact has been established with other municipal museums and storages for antiquities. The creator of storage for antiquities and the compiler of objects and information is Edgars Vilsons.



Phone: 26336034


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