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In the winter season the dark time is getting faster and seems that walks are not the best in this time when accompanied by the guide to get to know the surroundings. However, transforming this story and enriching with historical legends and stories of people, unclear events and old readings of legends, the darkness just strengthens the magic of the excursion and the joy of cognition.  


The night walk will last one hour, where interested people will possibly find out history pages from ancient history of Grobina till nowadays. The excursion will start at the medieval castle of Grobina, where you will possibly have a chance to have a look in the formation of the castle, to find out the underground passage and stories of vaults, possibly to hear the crying of girls, which come from the underground cellars of the castle. To hear the lines of the Duke Jacob's letters, which he wrote while staying at Grobina Castle. Going along the stone walls of the castle to Grobina castle mound (Hornbeams), it is possible to explore the stories of the Baltic tribe - the Curonians, who have been great seafarers. The story will take you to the Scandinavian immigrants, who settled here, and find answers to questions about the Vikings. During the excursion everyone will be able to cross the river Aland by the ferry, hearing discoveries about the ancient route of this riverside to the Baltic Sea. Between the Hornbeam branches you will be brought to the ancient Prussian road. Walking along the street pavement everyone will have an opportunity to discover stories and legends about the folk costume of Barta.


The tourist steps resounding towards the stones of the paved streets, you will read the issued law of the 17th century that in case of illnesses inhabitants of Grobina are forbidden to turn for help to the devil, wizards, charmers, salt blowers and similar hustlers.Not for nothing the cities were obsessed with spells and mystical phenomenon in the 16th and 17th centuries. When crossing the illuminated bridge of the river Aland, it is possible to check whether you have got a devil’s seal during the excursion. When the city lanterns brighten, you will be greeted by ancient stone stories on the banks of the river Aland. To get to know the pub story of the ancient mill owner in Pils Street. The promenade cobbled by quotes of Zenta Maurina and Rainis. And, of course, the story and fame of the famous restaurant "Jurpils" that stretched across whole Latvia.


#NightGuide excursion will allow you to discover stories and legends about Grobina and its history with entwined stories of mystic in the shadow of darkness.

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