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12Atkalni burial ground


Atkalni burial site is located in the southeastern part of the town centre of Grobiņa, on the high ground on the bank of the river Ālande. 20th century buildings are located on the northwest border of the Atkalni burial ground, but the other sides are bordered by drained meadows and agricultural land. The Atkalni burial ground is flat and shows no visible signs of the burials.


Excavations uncovered seven cremation flat graves containing artefacts dating from the 10th – 13th century. Meanwhile, the burials here, which are dated from the 3rd to 6th/7th century, reflect the arrival of Curonians in the area of Grobiņa that took place just a few centuries before the settlement of Scandinavians in this area while expanding into new territories. As the site is located in close proximity to Priediens, they share the same buffer zone.


Grobiņa archaelogical ensemble consists of several archaelogical monuments of the same period: Grobiņa hillfort (Skābarža hill) and the ancient town, Priediens ancient burial site, Porāni (Pūrāni) burial mound site, Smukumi flat-grave burial site, and Atkalni flat-grave burial site, which are located compactly in Grobiņa and its surroundings. These monuments mostly date back to the 7th - 9th centuries and they are related to the impressive Scandinavian settlement, which under the name Seeburg was mentioned in the 9th century written sources. Grobiņa archaelogical ensemble are included in the nomination "Grobiņa archaelogical ensemble" to UNESCO`S world heritage list.



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