Resort center “ODS”


We offer exclusive free nature rest places in the forest, right on the bank of the river Barta. Only 26 km from the center of Liepaja.


The base has newly built camping lodges with a view on the river valley (water showers are taken from underground sources), camping and camper places, as well as boat stops on the river banks.


The territory features football and volleyball courts, a basketball basket, a trampoline and swings.

 Well-organized fireplace and barbecue facilities. * Possible fishing and catch smoking.

There are great hiking trails along the river Barta. * For kids fun there are some patient pets - sheep and goats.


We organize hiking along Barta nature trail (old Barta-Otanki railway bridge, Barta waterfall (~ 3m) and trench zones.) With a possibility to prepare a delicious meal on the campfire.  At the moment, our bathhouse is being built and well-planned, but if the customer wants, we can agree on the delivery of the movable bathhouse to the center “Ods”. Very convenient car access



Phone: (+371) 29877399


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