Viktor’s Bathhouse


Latvian traditional bath ritual involves 3 - 5 wonderful wellness hours spent in a company of an experienced certified bathhouse attendant – massage therapist who owns "Viktor’s Bathhouse"


Ritual includes as follows:

  • drinking of herbal tea
  • warm-up on the bathhouse bench
  • experiencing a nice footbath in a bowl filled with herbal tea
  • vigorous exfoliation with massage elements, when natural herbal exfoliators applied over your entire body
  • having a wash in lukewarm shower
  • heating and little flap in the bathhouse
  • chilling out in a water tub or shower (optional)
  • big energetic flap using various besoms
  • chilling out in a water tub or shower (optional)
  • resting covered by wool blankets
  • honey or bathhouse massage


Each flap done in a bathhouse my differ, depending on a person’s needs and wishes, the bath attendant certainly takes into account each client's mental and physical condition.


Visit this excellent Latvian bathhouse to energize yourself and achieve inner peace for everyday life!


Dzelzceļa ēka Nr.1, Dubeņi

E-mail: viconsg@inbox.lv

Phone: (+371) 29232930



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